1. Bids & RFPs

    Review current and past bids and requests for proposals (RFP).

  2. Code of Ordinances

    Review the City of Pensacola's Code of Ordinances.

  3. Pensacola City Charter

    Read Pensacola's current City Charter, adopted in 2009.

  4. City Maps (CityView)

    Explore the City through CityView, Pensacola's online mapping and data service.

  5. Public Records

    Look up or request public records.

  6. City Council Videos (2017 - Present)

    View City Council, CMPA, and CRA meeting video which occurred in 2017 or later on the new Legislative Management Platform.

  7. City Council Videos (2016 - Earlier)

    View videos of City Council meetings which occurred in 2016 or earlier.

  8. City Budget Documents

    Review the City's annual budget documents for current and past fiscal years.

  9. Monthly Financial Reports

    Review various monthly reports detailing the City's finances.

  10. OpenGov Portal

    Visit the City of Pensacola's Financial Transparency Platform, OpenGov, to view interactive charts and graphs to learn more about the City's financial activities.